Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

Which Comes First?



A person must have an encounter with Jesus before he or she is going to be open to catechesis, i.e. the teachings, the practices, the beliefs of the Church. There are many times when we try it the other way around, and it never really takes root in the lives of those we’re trying to bring to faith.  We are asking the question, which should come first, evangelization or catechesis? Keep in mind, that an encounter with Jesus simply can be the first time a person meets a Christian.  We are all called to be Christ in this world. Here is another question to ponder, is there too much instruction and not enough action when it comes to Christianity?  Lots to unpack on this Easter Monday and with your help this will be a fruitful discussion.  Call in to 1-800-585-9396 and help guide the show with your wisdom.

2 thoughts on “Which Comes First?

  1. THIS is a VERY SERIOUS TOPIC! There will be a lot of discussion but WHO will form the answers? We are on the frontline experiencing first hand the battles. Men are leaders the transcendent … women are imminent nurturers. We nurture but what MEN do with the nature of our nurturing LEADS families and the children of God. Yes, women are responsible, but ultimately MEN do the leading. WHAT THEY ALLOW is what happens. When we go to a store or a poor service restaurant, the man says: LOOK to management, LOOK to the leadership and this is how service will be rendered! SAME with the family! MEN … who I trusted to be formed in GOD’S ways, (Catholic) have poor moral foundations, do what feels good! Other churches (only noting from 20 years here) have classes every Sunday for men to be formed in Godly ways… yes “short” of the fullness of the Churches teachings but rare FORMATION of MEN outside of the priesthood is happening unless The Knights of Columbus, etc. NEEDS TO BE A REGULAR ON-GOING PROGRAM OUTIDE OF MASS! MISSING … and men go to Sports, entertainment, allow others to COACH and form children ABSENT from their ROLES and NECESSARY PROGRAMS TO BE GOOD AND TRUE! After 33 years a convert, and 20 in this location of heavy Catholic concentration … it is either Marian groups, ladies of charity, etc. and a few Knights of Columbus (GOOD MEN) … missing GOD BLESS THE GOOD MEN! MIA!


  2. Although seen by many as which comes first such as the chicken and the egg question, catechesis and evangelization actually both are needed and must be “married” in order to reach everyone with the Good News. Some people encounter Jesus through the head first, which comes through catechesis, while others encounter Jesus first through the heart or an evangelization experience. We need to be able to provide experiences that incorporate the head and the heart with both catechesis and evangelization working together.


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