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with Jerry & Debbie

When Have You Felt Disrespected?

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At some point in life, we will all be disrespected. For some, it happens on a regular basis. For example, certain jobs carry with them a stigma that is worsened by the fact that people look down on them (waiters/waitresses, housekeepers, janitors, those who clean restrooms in the airport, etc.). Other occasions when we’re disrespected are when people are rude to us in public, cutting in front of us on the road, chatting on their cell phone and holding up the line at the grocery store, and so forth. Needless to say, disrespect is a common occurrence within families, including, sadly when children disrespect their parents. Of course, the types and frequency of disrespect are innumerable. Share your take on this topic on Wednesday with Jerry and Debbie.

3_22-17- disrespect

One thought on “When Have You Felt Disrespected?

  1. I cannot control the obnoxious, rude and disrespectful behavior of others, only my own behavior and reactions. God please grant us the grace to control our behavior in all circumstances so as to treat all people with dignity and respect.


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