Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

I Married My Spouse Because…


Most married couples have a unique story about how they met, what attracted them to the other spouse, and, ultimately, why they chose to marry that person. We want to hear your reasons for choosing to marry the man or woman you’re with today. Maybe you saw his or her outward beauty. Perhaps it was because you met in a Church group and saw that the other was deeply committed to the faith. Sometimes people are initially attracted to someone because they have a sense of humor or are involved with serving others. On Monday, share your take with Jerry and Debbie about what first attracted you to the one you married, and how that deepened over time. And be sure to ask Debbie what she saw in Marty that made her want to marry him (see picture below)!



2 thoughts on “I Married My Spouse Because…

  1. I married my spouse because…
    he allowed me to be myself more than anyone else, yet he challenged me to grow. He loved the Lord and he was my best friend for seven years before we dated. I had been begging God for him for years and he finally blessed me with this man!


  2. I heard Audrey’s story at the close of today’s show. I’m a type 1 diabetic and met a man with Asburger Syndrome nearly 16 years ago. When she explained she accepted his marriage proposal because “someone had to love this man”, It reminded me, that is exactly the course I had consciously chosen. Knowing I would care for my husband as he needed, kind innocent soul that he is. Your caller also told how husband had made his peace with God while serving our country but did not practice the Faith. Then occurrences of Devine nature gave her peace for his passing. Likewise my husband Beleives but will not practice the Faith. In the early days of dating my now husband, I too experienced an event where I turned and saw several dark shadows bolt or rise from within him. As if some undesirable spirits and taken residence within him but now knew they were being driven away (and I like to think) by my pure intentions to love and care for him the rest of our lives! I wish continued Blessings for your caller, Audrey for working through the struggles from the perspective she explained.
    Thank you and God Bless you and Jerry for providing such an inspiring program and the forum to share our respective blessings, trails and various life experiences.


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