Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

Do You Talk to Yourself?

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Do you talk to yourself? If so, do you do it out loud or just internally in your mind? Has anyone ever overheard you talking to yourself? What was their reaction? Were you embarrassed? While some people fear that an individual talking to himself is a sign of psychological or spiritual problems, recent studies have actually shown that certain types of self-communication are not only beneficial, but are signs of a high intellectual capacity. This is the topic on Friday’s show. And, unless you call in, Jerry will have to spend the hour talking to himself LOL, because Debbie will be traveling with her husband, Marty. So, be sure you spare Jerry a very lonely hour and call with your takes about this interesting topic!


One thought on “Do You Talk to Yourself?

  1. Yes I do. Ever since I was still living w/ my parents. Which my Mom didn’t appreciate & scolded me for. Because she said others who heard me do so, would think I have a mental problem. I do now. Especially now that I’m by myself. It helps me if I forgot something & need to back track. To go back & get the item(s). When I’m at the apt. or do it in a quieter tone, should I have forgotten my shopping list. I even pray at work when I maybe alone. Reciting the prayer out loud yet again at a quieter tone. Allowing me to remember which prayer was said already or where I may have had to stop while saying the prayer. So I may be able to finish saying it later. (I’m a people greeter at a retail store. Which has to enter & exit front doors. One of those set of doors is more active than the other). When I was much younger, I wanted to be a nun. Yet my parents didn’t support me. Telling me I need to get a job! Now that I’ve aged & learned due to my health challenge that I can’t drive- I’ve even lost the ability of going to Mass & the Sacraments. W/ my family members going elsewhere to college, getting married, changing their faith & my parents moving out of state to retire & enjoy their time alone together again before they leave this world. That’s why I love, enjoy & appreciate EWTN so very much these days!!!

    Can you please pray for 1 of my aunts? She & my Uncle Tony yet live in our hometown. She was recently diagnosed w/ stomach cancer. She is presently under treatment & possibly surgery. Thank you, so very much for doing this. Not for me. But for Uncle Tony, Aunt Mary & their immediate family.

    Uncle Tony is 1 of Dad’s 6 brothers & 4 sisters my Ryba grandparents had. And I got to enjoy growing up. W/ both of my maternal & paternal grandparents living on the same street as my immediate family. Uncle Tony & Aunt Mary lived the next street over from us. Until my Dad got a job transfer in the early 1970’s & we then had to move to Lima, Ohio. My immediate family’s hometown is Cleveland, Ohio..


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