Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

Who Says You Can’t Go Home?


In today’s world, people are freer than ever to leave home, move to distant places, try to make it on their own. It’s very understandable. It’s built into our nature. But we all come from a certain “place,” often a place where our families have established long, deep roots. Not infrequently, after trying to make it “out there,” we find that “there’s no place like home.” Have you taken that solo journey, only to find that you longed to return to be close to your family and friends? Share your take with Jerry and Debbie and the world on Tuesday.


2 thoughts on “Who Says You Can’t Go Home?

  1. I know I can’t. As I have shared earlier, my parents especially- Mom requested I do. So I did years ago. She said that she & Dad raised me, (& my brother & sisters- who were able to afford college, found spouses & moved on in life ) that they raised us for more than 17-20 years. Now it was time for them to spend time in life alone again together before they left this world.They succeeded I moving to Tenn.. I could have made a job transfer from 1 state to another w/ my job. But they wanted time alone together. Especially after giving us 17-20 years of their life.


    • Can you also please help our family by praying for my Dad’s sister in-law my Aunt Mary Ryba? She has gone through being diagnosed with/ stomach cancer first. Now the latest news I’ve heard from other family members, (since I can’t make it back to my home town- Cleveland, Oh. to visit, due to my lack of transportation) is that she’s gone through 3 chemo treatments. And after the result of that-surgery maybe discussed. Thank you so very much!!!


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