Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

Rethinking Heaven and Hell

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God makes every human being to know him, love him, serve him and be happy with him in eternity. Because of fears, insecurities, wounds, etc., many people observe the faith because they want to avoid going to hell. But, in reality, believing in Jesus, belonging to the Church and living an upright life should flow from the realization of who we are (made in God’s image), and because He desires that “all men be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth.” Join Jerry and Debbie on Wednesday to talk about your deepest motivation for going to heaven.



One thought on “Rethinking Heaven and Hell

  1. Hi Jerry and Debbie, I am Bernadine, my call got dropped 1-26-17……….. I wanted to share with you how God had seen me through many, many issues. I was a single, divorced mom with 4 children , with a part time job. They say things come in 3’s, Well, Our house was on the auction block 3 times. The first one I was able to get my funds together, I promised God that I wouldn’t be in that position again. I found myself a 2nd. time that the house was on the auction block, I was able to get my funds together. Again I promised God that if he seen me through this mess I wouldn’t get in this position again. Mind you these actions of paying up the funds was like 2 to 3 weeks before the house would have gone on sale. Than I found myself for the 3rd time being issued a foreclosure on the house , only this time I had a hard time praying, You see , I promised God that I would never get into this problem again . I remember like it was yesterday, I was rocking in the rocker, crying my eyes out, at the same time , very jumpy, thinking my children will have no home, NO home. Than my youngest , at the time was 7 years old grabbed my hand and said ‘Mommy why don’t you pray like you did before, Jesus always helped you.’ I thought about his words and than began to PRAY, asking God for His Mercy now it was only days before the house would be sold. It wasn’t until the day of the auction that I received a call from my Pastor, telling me he needed to see me. I was a complete basket case, but I went down there. He asked me what was going on, I told him, He said just a minute came back and handed me a check , it was for the exact amount that I was short . I gratefully Thanked him. The house was going on the action block at 12 noon that day. I had to travel a distance to get to the lawyers office, I walked in at 20 minutes to 12. The lawyer accepted the funds and told me that the house was again safe and that it was ours. I came out of his office with a receipt in my hand saying all paid up. I got into the car and I cried out to God in THANKSGIVING for all HIS LOVE. For seeing me through a mess I promised Him I would never get into, but I did. He has never a banded me. God sent His Little Angel, (my son) to assure me that He would take care of us. God has Blessed me and my sons. God even blessed me with a wonderful , loving Husband, that raised my sons as though they were his own. God has called him home. I’m writing this because , we got married late in life. We always said if God could bless us with 5 years of marriage we would be grateful. We had a wonderful BLESSED Marriage for 19 years and 4 months. This was possible by ❤ OUR FAITH IN GOD. ❤


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