Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

A Family Torn Apart

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It is so tragic when kids are put in the middle of a divorce.  They did not ask to be involved.  All that children want is a loving, stable home.  This devastating set of circumstances can and does escalate into what is known as Parental Alienation.  Sadly to state, this horrific situation is on the rise in our culture.  Parental Alienation, put simply, is when one parent systematically, intentionally ruins the relationship between the children and the other parent or family members.  Parental Alienation can occur within an intact marriage, although more often it is after a divorce when this situation begins to take shape.  The effects of this form of manipulation leaves lasting wounds on the children and the alienated parent. Reunification is possible but unfortunately when the damage is so deep, and the emotional bonds are broken the relationship is forever scarred.  This is a highly sensitive subject, often misunderstood, but worthy of a dedicated hour to raise awareness of this growing epidemic.  Share your story by calling, 1-800-585-9396.

Here are some resources:




Divorce Poison
Dr. Richard Warshak

Divorce Casualties
Douglas Darnall, PhD

Beyond Divorce Casualties
Douglas Darnall, PhD

Co-Parenting With A Toxic Ex
Amy Baker, PhD

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