Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

So, How Did It Go?


On Tuesday, Jerry and Debbie are back with their first live show after a short break to celebrate Christmas. Of course, we’re still in the joyous Christmas season. But, for most of us, the family gatherings have now come and gone for another year. So, our question for you is, “How did it go?” We pray that your get togethers were all filled with peace and harmony. Sometimes, though, differences in various ideologies can make for some awkward moments. In any event, let’s talk about how you spent your Christmas weekend at Noon ET on EWTN Radio.


2 thoughts on “So, How Did It Go?

  1. Good Morning!!!! My family had a wonderful Christmas!!! We started Christmas eve by lighting a virgin Mary Candle and prayed thanking our Lady for saying yes and carrying Jesus. Than we went to Mass. We opened our gifts Christmas eve. On Christmas day we watched our daughter get excited to open Santa’s gifts. Than we lift a baby Jesus Candle and prayed thanking mother Mary for delivering our lord and gave thanks for Baby Jesus and wished him a happy birthday. than of course we had a nice family breakfast. We relaxed the rest of the day and then had a nice family dinner! It was also our first Christmas in our new house that we bought a few months ago. So it was special all around.


  2. What a Christmas! First the mountain lodge where I work had Chrismas Eve dinner- I was hostess, I love the young folks I work with – many of them don’t have the opportunity to see their families for Christmas, so this is Christmas for them- they are very professional in their duties cooking and serving elegant upscale meals to our fine guests. Then I spent the night with my son, Brent and family- I had a great, comfy, warm sleep with the house heated by wood. What a beautiful mass in the morning, then presents at my son’s home. Off to work as hostess for Christmas Day evening dinner at Shorelodge- Brent and my family came to eat – a great time for them and me. I ordered some of the most delightful food for eating later on after my shift was over- a nice glass of Malbec wine, with special cheese on toasted little breads with honey comb! Have you ever had cheese and honeycomb- really nice. Then a co-worker opened his special bottle of D11 wine and gave me a bit of that. Nice nighttime drive home then I ate the sweet potato lasagna from SL- Excellent- a great Holy time celebrating Christmas!!!


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