Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

They Have a Chapel Here?


Have you ever been traveling or visiting a certain area and all of a sudden realized that there is a chapel on-site? It may have happened to you in an airport, where you discovered that you could attend Mass while waiting for your next flight. Or maybe it was in a national park, a train or bus station, at a college or university or similar places. Did you take a moment to stop in and pray? Were you able to attend Mass? Share your take on this topic with Jerry and Debbie on Friday’s broadcast.


2 thoughts on “They Have a Chapel Here?

  1. Not necessarily Catholic chapel, but Pretty Place, at the YMCA Camp in Greenboro, SC. My 19-year old daughter loves this place!


  2. We had taken our three daughters camping into Big Bend National Park in Texas. They were in elementary at the time. Big Bend does not have a chapel but they have traveling priests that will come to the campgrounds from a nearby town. If you have never been there please note that from the front entrance of the park to the Chisos Basin it’s about 100 miles. So this priest probably traveled over 200 plus miles just to say mass to about 10 of us. Five from my family and a couple of park rangers .. maybe a few other guests. If I remember I think they came in from across the border. I was so grateful. I had had an accident on the trails and had fallen FLAT on my face, I was not a pretty sight! To this day I will always remember this trip. They had forgotten the cloth that covers the chalice and had asked for something from any of us. All I had was a paper napkin, only because I was using it to cover my face! I have always regretted not offering it up because it was not worthy enough because it was only a McDonalds paper napkin, fine linen it was not. A chance to participate in the Holy mass and I was so not worthy either. I definately have reflected on this over the years! And I would undo that part if I could.


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