Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

Making Spirits Bright

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On Tuesday, Jerry and Debbie invite you to call and share how you help others during the holiday season. It could be feeding the poor, assisting the homeless, going through your neighborhood singing Christmas carols, visiting shut-in’s and prison inmates or taking gifts to your parish for distribution to those in need. While we should put charity first at all times, Advent and the Christmas season bring out the best in most people. We look forward to hearing your take on “making spirits bright!”


One thought on “Making Spirits Bright

  1. I think it is very important to make a difference. I have had many struggles myself and all it took was a nice gesture from someone. I try to wish anyone that make eye contact with me a very Merry Christmas and a smile. This year I am also having my 7 year old daughter go to the toy store and pick a toy to buy for a needy child for the toys for tots foundation. I remember one year my husband and I had only been married a year and he had to work out of town at Christmas and I had no one to be with on Christmas. No gifts or Christmas dinner….I worked instead and was so very sad. A co worker found out and went and bought me a gift. It made my heart so happy to be remembered. I think just letting people know they are remembered this time of year is the best gift to give!!!!


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