Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

Do You Feel Alone In Your Struggle?

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Every one of us goes through struggles in life. Yours may be loneliness, fear, insecurity, a relationship that isn’t working out, children who have left the faith. It’s easy to believe that we are alone in what we’re going through. The truth is, God is with us, and many others are going through identical difficulties. Let’s talk about this on Thursday. And, remember, your takes drive the show!



One thought on “Do You Feel Alone In Your Struggle?

  1. Hi and thank you for taking your time to hear me out. I called at the beginning of your radio show and was put on hold and I just cannot find the strength to talk about my problems . My name is Dee Dee and I’m calling from Dryden Michigan I’ve been feeling very alone sad and feel like there is no help out there to get me through this. I have a 19 year old son (Christian) who was raised with good manners and respect was and is loved. He always decided to do the right thing always wanted to go to church and never wanted to get into trouble. One of his wishes were that he was going to be a future Pope which we all laugh about it now but he was serious at that time. For the last couple years its been very hard for me and my husband. We have found out that our son has been doing drugs and lying to us all along for the last 2 years. We stepped in and keep taking his keys in his phone and he keeps getting better every single time we keep him home. Once he’s out there again, he goes right back into that bad crowd. I have gone to about three Catholic churches in my area and try to get some help from a priest or anybody else involved and the only reply I would get was that they’re too busy to talk to delinquents. I feel so alone so confused don’t know what to do I feel like we’re going to loose our son and don’t know how to save him anymore. I’ve been trying to get in contact with other programs and not having any insurance no one wants to take him in. I just feel like this last couple of years that me and my husband are all alone in this and even this way we start turning onto each other and blaming each other which is the wrong thing to do I understand but we’re falling into a darkness and we don’t know how to save our son. The hardest part is that we have 6 year old daughter that were trying to hide from her everything that is going on. I am in a very very stressful painful time and I don’t know what to do anymore. Please pray for my son pray for my family.


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