Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

Isolation and Addiction


On Tuesday, Jerry and Debbie welcome your takes on the subjects of isolation and addiction. Does one feed into the other? It seems that it’s much more likely that a person will develop addictions if he or she remains isolated. Similarly, addictive behavior can very often lead a person to want to “isolate” from others. That can be the result of shame, a desire to not be seen indulging in one’s addiction of choice, etc. Join us and call in for what promises to be a heartfelt conversation.


3 thoughts on “Isolation and Addiction

  1. Thank you so much for all the work you do. You inspire me every single day! I am in my car every day and I listen to you on The PRESENCE Radio. Because I am in and out of my car I sometimes miss what is being said. Is there any other place that I could listen to your shows? The show today on Isolation and addiction was great. I never realized how many people, like me, are going through this. My divorce in 2006 was very painful. But losing that family unit and being looked down upon and isolated by my 2 children I don’t know right now how I will manage that. I pray every day that they come around and realize that it takes 2 to make a marriage and that I am not the mean mother that I was made out to be. In the meantime I work and love what I do. I sew pillows for the local hospital and stay busy gardening in the summer and going out to eat, snowshoeing and other fun stuff with friends and family in the winter. My faith has gotten me through a lot of dark days and I know God is there because I really don’t know if I could have made it on my own. There was always something or someone positive that was put in my path whenever I was feeling worthless and rejected. Anyway just wanted to tell you that I love your shows and thanks again for all you do. You are both a blessing to me! I will continue to listen to your shows and be inspired!


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