Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

Be Aware of the Spirit World

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Debbie is traveling today, so Jerry will be joined by Adam Blai, who serves as a religious demonologist in the Diocese of Pittsburgh. What that means is that Adam is a “peritus,” or “expert” in spiritual realities and spiritual warfare. Unfortunately, it’s all around us, as the battle between good and evil rages on nonstop. It’s not something we have to be fearful of. But it most certainly is something we need to have knowledge of, and know how to avoid by staying in a state of grace. One thing Jerry and Adam will discuss is the growing phenomenon known as “after school satan clubs,” a clear counter to after school bible studies and prayer groups. Kids who get involved in satan clubs have no idea what they’re opening themselves up to later in life. Do not miss this episode of the show. Call with your questions and takes at Noon ET on EWTN Radio.

And be sure to arm yourself for the inevitable battle with great resources by Adam Blai from the EWTN Religious Catalogue. Visit http://www.ewtnrc.com or call 800-854-6316. Ask for the 13-part audio set as item number 3833C or the 13-part video set as item number 3833D.


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