Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

What Sacrifices Have You Made For Your Children?

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Everyone hopes to “succeed” at something in life. When we’re young, we have dreams of what our careers will be like, where we’ll live, what kind of home we’ll have, the person we’ll marry, etc. As those things start to fall into place, reality often sets in and things don’t always go exactly as we had planned. Parents often find themselves giving up or sacrificing certain things they would like to attain for the benefit of their children. Not taking a job in a far away town so you can be there as your kids grow up. Foregoing the time and cost of getting an advanced degree so you can put your children through Catholic school. Offering your precious spare time as a coach of your kids’ youth sports. Even dealing with a debilitating illness or injury. The list could go on and on. These things, although they are “sacrifices,” are also sources of blessings for parents, who want more than anything to see their children happy and successful. Join Jerry and Debbie on Tuesday and share what you have done to deny what you may have desired for the sake of your kids.



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