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with Jerry & Debbie

What Would You Like to Leave the World?

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What Would You Like to Leave the World?

Every human being will leave the world better or worse for having lived his or her life. We often think of “significant” people as the ones who will leave something great behind in the world. A famous piece of music. A world renown piece of art. An architectural masterpiece. But the opportunity to leave the world something great is open to each of us. What would you like to leave the world?

One thought on “What Would You Like to Leave the World?

  1. I didn’t put much thought into a legacy until after I received my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. I began working in facilities and group homes for at-risk children, and an addictions facility for young men. I was nervous about this at first because I’ve never seen myself as any sort of authority figure, and see life like a kid (despite chronologically being nowhere near kid-age.) Until then, the bulk of my work experience was in food service. I think it’s my playful, calm nature which allowed me to excel with the kids… even though it often seemed to rub some co-workers & management the wrong way – they seemed to expect stone cold policemen. People seem to find me very easy open up to and reveal things they might not to others. Most of the time, we’d maintain a peaceful venue by playing Pokémon or Mario Kart together, watching movies, etc. One of the first kids I worked with introduced me to his foster brother when I ran into him in public maybe a year after he discharged. As I walked away, I overheard him gush, “He was my FAVORITE staff!” That’s when I realized this sort of work sure beat delivering pizzas! Sadly, this sort of work doesn’t always pay enough to afford the cost of urban or suburban living, when you’re a single guy on his own. I’ve had to give up that work and move back to my parents’ rural home – and I miss working with the kids – but it was a blessing in so many ways, too. Had I not moved back home, I wouldn’t have been introduced to EWTN (my parents host a radio transmitter on their property) and my Catholicism would still be stagnating. Now I’m in the process of collaborating with God on which path to take next, but the importance of legacy is a powerful factor in the assessment.


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