Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

A Father’s Love

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Knowing the love of God the Father, and translating that into being a loving father to one’s children, is so very important. It becomes much harder when one’s early life was filled with traumas and abuse. On Wednesday, Jerry and Debbie welcome Catholic speaker and permanent deacon candidate John Sablan to the program. John has spent his life digging out from under the wreckage created by some of those who were supposed to love and nurture him into manhood and fatherhood. Through God’s grace and healing, John is now on fire for helping others know “a father’s love.” You don’t want to miss this episode at Noon ET, with a reply at Midnight ET.

To book a presentation by John Sablan – http://thirdmillenniummedia.com/project/john-sablan/


One thought on “A Father’s Love

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