Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

Is It OK to Break Minor Laws?


Every day we see people jaywalk, roll through stop signs/lights, go way over the speed limit, etc. What are we to make of this? What’s at the root of it? Selfishness? A blatant disregard for the law? Do people even care about the rule of law anymore? Have we become a society of people who are so jaded that we don’t care what the law says? Maybe we even find ourselves doing these things. It is a big deal or not? Share your take with Jerry and Debbie and the world on Thursday.


2 thoughts on “Is It OK to Break Minor Laws?

  1. There is a song that states it is a slow slide to sin. It is the little things we do that grow to bigger ones. Also, on jay walking., what message do you give others who watch and who don’t know your cautious rules. Paul addressed this with eating meat offered to idols. What might not be a sin for you can lead others to sin.


  2. Matthew 18:18 states whatever you prohibit on earth shall be prohibited in heaven.

    This brings the thoughts, in my interpretation of this scripture, that breaking the laws on earth is in turn breaking the laws in heaven therefore making it a sin to break even the minor laws.


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