Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

Are You a Knight of Columbus?


The Knights of Columbus are a fraternal order of men who uphold the Catholic faith and support the Church in a variety of ways. Jerry Usher is a fourth degree Knight. Debbie Georgianni’s husband, Marty, is also a fourth degree Knight. How well do you know the Knights and what they do? Are you a Knight yourself? This is your chance to tell the world how proud you are to serve in this prestigious organization. Jerry and Debbie will be joined by Sir Knight (fourth degree) John Bertrand on Friday. He has held many positions within the Knights of Columbus, including at the state level in California.


Let Jerry and Debbie and the entire Take 2 family remember you and your intentions in prayer. Log on to http://www.jerryanddebbie.com today and post yours. And feel free to let others who have posted know that you are praying for them. You can also sign up for our newsletter and contact us about coming out and speaking in your area. Log on today!


4 thoughts on “Are You a Knight of Columbus?

  1. I don’t know if anyone will read this. I have lived in my diocese for 30 years now. I came here after college, I didn’t grow up here. Every time the Knights of my local parishes hold a recruiting drive, I get the same vibe. If you didn’t grow up here, you won’t really fit in. When I ask if single men can join, I get that baffled look that most active Catholics give me, that “what do you mean, you are over 40 and not married. What’s wrong with you?” look, and I am often told “we like for our Knights to me good ‘family men'”. When I’ve attended events sponsored by these Knights, it is plain to see that all the members are over 60 if not over 70, and they really don’t appear to care that they will be the “last generation” of Knights. They can be buried with their tuxedos and feathery caps and sashes and swords for all I care; there won’t be anyone to inherit them.


  2. Larry. It is sad to hear about your experience. But like I shared on the broadcast not every Knight has the same values that are the roots of the Knights of Columbus. We are all human and sinners. For your information not all councils are like that, in fact the council I belong to makes an extra effort to invite younger men, including college age. There is an effort nationally to address the needs and concerns of the Young Adult Community (age 19 to 39). In California the state has initiated programs to address this need. Wish you lived in San Diego as you would find my council inviting and excited to have you and all of the young men of our church.


  3. I would encourage all Knights councils (because I simply don’t know who else to ask any more) to make a genuine effort to restart the kinds of parish community activities which many older Knights will remember as being how they met their future spouse. In my diocese (Phoenix), in the 30 years that I’ve been here, I can’t think of a single parish picnic or social or dance or the like. How are single adults supposed to engage in Catholic community life when parishes nowadays give them no way to do so? I’m talking about simple social activities that are open to all.


  4. In my diocese of Phoenix, I know of no efforts on behalf of the 19-39 age group, or the 39-59 age group. Unless you’re married, that is. Every parish has abundant “date night” and “family mass” and “retrouvaille” activities. But for singles? Nothing. Our bishop recently wrote a paper in a lame attempt to encourage men to … well, I’m not sure exactly what … but it was clear that he doesn’t even realize that unmarried adult men exist. The Church talks “marriage, marriage, marriage” out of one side of its mouth but even though the number of new Catholic weddings has fallen to near zero, does absolutely nothing to rebuild the old “social networks” that helped many single Catholics to meet, date and marry.


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