Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

Haves and Have Nots

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This is not a show about socialism or the re-distribution of wealth. If someone has worked hard and earned his money, more power to him. But it still remains a glaring scandal that there are individuals in the world today who could fund the needs of small nations in perpetuity, yet often choose to channel their wealth toward oppression and objective causes. And in some states and countries, people live in abject poverty directly across the street (this is no joke) from those who live in large and expensive mansions. Something’s wrong here. How can we as a race allow some to literally die for lack of basic needs like food and water, when others occupy homes that have hallways and rooms that they will likely never visit? Share your take with the world on Monday.


Post your special intentions on the prayer wall at http://www.jerryanddebbie.com. And there are still some once-in-a-lifetime Holy Land Rosaries available there. They are handmade of olive wood and were taken to sites like the Church of the Nativity (the site where Jesus was born) and the Church of the Resurrection (where his actual tomb is today). Get one for yourself and another for someone you love!

Prayers courtesy of http://www.ourcatholicprayers.com….

Dear Lord,
Help me find firm ground in this shaky economy.
As I seek work and assistance,
Give me strength not to be anxious when I seem to be going nowhere;
Give me patience not to despair when things look bleak;
Give me serenity to know you are here with me, helping me to carry my crosses each day;
So that I may do Your will,
For the salvation of souls
And my Eternal Life.

This one is slightly longer, but expresses a similar sentiment:

Dear Lord,
In this time of uncertainty,
Be my rock in a world built on sand;
Be my oasis of grace and peace in a world of tension and turmoil;
Help me to carry my cross gracefully, as you did in Your Passion;
Help me to follow Your beam of light in the midst of this darkness;
Help me to see Your will in all things
And show others Your comfort and strength.

Keep me calm when tempers flare up;
Keep me sane in a crazy world;
Keep me focused on the houses in Heaven
rather than the houses of cards collapsing around me;
Keep my eyes focused on the prize of Heaven
and not lose hope in You in this world or in the world to come;
Make me compassionate in dealing with others;
Let me see my travails as carrying my cross and sharing in Your Passion, for the love of You and for the salvation of souls, including mine.
And may all my difficulties be ultimately for my good and Your glory. Amen.


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