Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

Happy Anniversary Take 2!


Another Year-.jpg

We are celebrating one year of being with you weekdays on Take 2 with Jerry and Debbie.  What a great year it has been!  Please call in and share your thoughts about the show.  Maybe you can give us suggestions for future topics.  We are looking forward to another great year with your help. Let’s celebrate together today on Take 2.

Call in at  1-800-585-9396

GREAT NEWS- our website: http://www.jerryanddebbie.com is up and running with many prayer intentions coming in on our prayer wall.  Don’t forget to pay us a visit, maybe leave a prayer request, possibly pick up a Holy Land Rosary.

Also, don’t forget to LIKE our Facebook page- Jerry& Debbie




2 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary Take 2!

  1. Happy anniversary may god bless you for all you do for the church of God may you be imbued by the holy Spirit day by day .


    • Thank you Sister for your kind words. Please continue to remember us in prayer as we thank God for your vocation.
      Debbie and Jerry


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