Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

“How’s My Driving?”


A lot of companies put stickers on their corporate vehicles advising people to all a phone number if the driver is acting up. The stickers usually say, “How’s My Driving? Call 1-800-BLAH-YADDA.” This show will be about what each of us feels we’re like behind the wheel. Are we impatient? Are we kind? Do we hate it when other drivers do to us what we do to other drivers? A lot can be learned through a discussion like this. Call and share your take with Jerry and Debbie and the world!


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2 thoughts on ““How’s My Driving?”

  1. Driving is my worse vice…I get so vocal when I am alone behind the wheel, I have to constantly take it to confession. I so want this piece of my life to get under control!


  2. By the way, thank you and I have taken away a great deal from today’s show…Debbie, I listen to Catholic Radio ALL the time, whether it be local or Sirius. I also pray the rosary when driving and it does tend to help – most of the time. It gets most difficult to keep my cool while driving when I’m not concentrating on who God wants me to be.
    Thank you, both, for a year of GREAT listening! God bless you!


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