Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

I Can’t Wait Until…


Life is filled with milestones and achievements. From birthdays to anniversaries, from accomplishments to retirements. Trips, vacations, pilgrimages, seeing a friend you haven’t seen for years – the list of things we might look forward to is endless. So, when you consider the statement, “I can’t wait until…”, how do you finish it? What excites you about your future, especially the future God has planned for you? Share your take with Jerry and Debbie on Thursday!




2 thoughts on “I Can’t Wait Until…

  1. My husband and I we’re married by a lawyer in 2011 after our son was born. We are both practicing Catholics. We know it wasn’t right. But I am excited to say we are finally having our marriage validated in the eyes of God this July. I Can’t Wait to get married to him again and have the blessing of God in our lives and in our marriage.


  2. Fantastic news, Amy! God is good. All the time. You and your husband will be in our prayers. Please remember us in yours.

    Jerry and Debbie


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