Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

How Do You Practice Hospitality?


The opportunities are endless for each of us to welcome others into our lives, our homes, etc. It’s a genuine Christian practice to show hospitality. How well do you understand this and put it into practice? What does authentic hospitality look like? Is it possible to be too hospitable? Share your take on this topic with Jerry and Debbie !


2 thoughts on “How Do You Practice Hospitality?

  1. Hey y’all. I called y’all back around Christmas time about the elderly, I am Adam from South Carolina. Anyway, with regards to hospitality. I have a friend of mine whom, for a while was struggling with money. What I did for her was, since I knew she struggled with drugs and alcohol (and she was aware of it). We don’t talk as much anymore, but as luck would have it, I inherited money from my paternal grandmother, and since this young woman had trouble with drugs and alcohol, I would go and take her to the store and buy stuff for her. There was when case when I was up in Anderson (which seems to have a beggar around every corner) I gave her all the change in the car…wrapped in a St. Michael prayer card. Now, on the receiving end. Around Christmas the year my dad died, the LDS gave us $500.00 US (it was anonymous, but that is my mom’s suspicion). Hospitality doesn’t have to be financial, sometimes it just has to be, well, being there. For instance, my mother is in the hospital, it would be really hospitable of you to pray for her. God bless!


  2. I am a teacher who usually does not get a Friday off, but with a mild winter we got off 5-20-16 and our local Catholic Radio station just started to have your program this week, so I thought I would listen. I was dismayed. I heard the topic was to be the hospitality that the parish had shown. I heard a few of the beginning people and then I had to turn it off. Our experience is not that. I know my comment now may disregarded but I have left it for 2 days and it still bothers me so I wanted to contact by email. We have a son with Autism who is now 23. When he was 4 my husband was going through RICA and I volunteered to do child care for the Good Friday Passion so he could participate. I had our son. Of course he could not go to the Catholic school for preschool, they did not accept students with disabilities as students. When I tried to join in conversation with the other 2 ladies working they asked if my son went to our parish school I said no and why. From then on they ignored me in their conversations or working with the children. My husband and I have always sat in the last pew in the back with our son so that we can participate at mass. Our son is high functioning and has received the sacraments. My husband and I thought we would try again to participate is an adult activity a couple of years ago at a Trivia Night. We do not know many people in the parish even though we have been members there for 26 years. We are at a table with some other people and introduced ourselves. Of course conversation goes to children and we were honest about our son who was in public school for his services. We were politely tolerated and would help the “team” give answers, but no friendly conversation occurred. We left at the first break. We have a new younger pastor for the last two years and is it is obvious in his contacts with people in church before and after mass that he addresses those who have children in the school there. Others are overlooked.
    Please realize that even in our churches there is an exclusivity that the less worthy are only tolerated.


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