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with Jerry & Debbie

That is not what I meant…

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People hear and absorb want they want to.  You may have the best of intentions and still it is received incorrectly by friends and family.  This can cause frustration on both sides of a relationship.  Maybe you are just too drained to try and rectify situations.  So what would be the healthy thing for you to do as a Christian.  Let’s discuss it on Monday’s show.  Share your experience at 1-800-585-9396.


One thought on “That is not what I meant…

  1. I feel passionate about Catholics really knowing our faith so we can all know the mind of God and not fall to the temptations of conforming to popular beliefs. As a new Catholic I anticipate the pressures from non-Catholics bc they are not always looking through the same mind, but It is discouraging To get criticism from fellow Catholics. It blows me away when people who are “Catholic” tell me to tone down my beliefs and keep my faith private bc everyone is free to believe what they want and you don’t want to offend other people, that you have to understand there are many ways to interpret what Jesus says , the teachings of the church are behind the times, Or all religions lead are basically the same. WOW! I pray earnestly for the Holy Spirit to strengthen our Church. I thank God for all modes of evangelization, like your program, that plant seeds and strengthen the roots of our faith. God bless you and keep fighting the good fight 🙏
    — Julie from Walnut Creek- caller from a few weeks ago: daughter of Pentecostal minister.


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