Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

Are You a Parish-Hopper?

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As Catholic Christians, we understand that the Church is made up of (arch)dioceses and parishes. Each of us resides within the boundaries of a particular parish. Even though we are not required by canon law to register with or attend the nearest parish, that is most often what we end up doing. At times, people deem it necessary to examine a variety of options before settling on a parish. Others may frequently change parishes, citing any number of reasons for doing so. Is this a healthy or unhealthy phenomenon? Are people’s reasons for “parish-hopping” legitimate? Have you had this experience? Share your take with Jerry and Debbie on Thursday’s show!


One thought on “Are You a Parish-Hopper?

  1. I listen to your program via podcast. We retired a year ago and moved to be closer to our daughter. we are in Northern Wisconsin 16 miles from the closest Catholic Church. The church is in the Bayfield County Cluster. It is a very small parish 40 parishioners ..16 pews with a community room added on for summer overflow. I have never felt so welcome and a part of a parish… there was an organist who winters in AZ so a gal who moved here from Mpls was asked if she could play the guitar and lead the singing… another gal was asked to help her… then I was told I should join them.. I wasn’t “formally” asked but one Sunday they were practicing before Mass and were having trouble with a song…I knew the song so got up and asked if I could join them… they both hugged me and were overjoyed. the organist is back now and we are singing the opening and closing songs and the organist sings the Mass parts… I quit the choir in my other parish because I didn’t like not having the prayer time after receiving Communion., and other feelings of not feeling welcome..even after 30 yrs it was weird…. so this is so wonderful, I can use God’s gift to me and still have my prayer time. We also take turns cleaning the church monthly, have a scripture study and we joined the local lutheran church during basketball season in feeding the players before home games…. .. my husband isn’t Catholic so I have always attended alone with our daughter. Now she doesn’t attend..breaks my heart but I continue praying for her to return and the hardest part of being a parent of an adult you have to let them live their own journey.
    I am so thankful to God for putting us here in this time of our life.
    just new to podcasts I am really enjoyed your program and will continue listening!

    Peace and all goodness to you!


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