Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

How Well Do You Appreciate the Gift of Faith?

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We’ve all heard the saying: “But for the grace of God go I.” There’s a ton of wisdom in that. And it’s a great reminder that we are not the originators of the gift of faith we have received. God is. We all know people who do not believe in God, in Jesus, in the Church. They do not have the gift of faith. Why is that? Why did I receive this incredible gift, but not my brother, my sister, my son or daughter, my neighbor or co-worker. Sometimes we can become critical of those without the gift of faith. Until we meditate on the fact that it’s just that – a gift. We did nothing to receive it. Therefore, we should not look down in any way on those who do not have faith. Rather, we need to pray for them to be open to the gift God wants all people to receive. Share your take Wednesday on how grateful you are to have faith. Jerry and Debbie will be joined on the show by Don Johnson, a recent convert to Catholicism.



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