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Can You Relate to the “Prodigal Brother?”

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There’s a little bit (or a lot) of the Prodigal Son in each of us. That’s a given. But from our life’s experiences are we able to say there’s a little bit (or a lot) of his brother in us? In other words, how do we feel when it seems God is extremely generous to someone who has offended Him and doesn’t seem deserving of that generosity? Do we react like the Prodigal Son’s brother and complain that we have been faithful while one of our family members, friends, loved ones or perfect strangers have taken their inheritance and squandered it, only to come back with their tail between their legs? Or do we act more like one of the father’s hired servants and rejoice that the one who was lost is now home again? Share your take on this Tuesday at Noon ET!prodigal_brother


12 things you need to know about the Prodigal Son by Jimmy Akin

One thought on “Can You Relate to the “Prodigal Brother?”

  1. There are a two things that come to my mind on this son….First, he is like most of us who believe that mercy should not be given so freely to those who have acted wrongly….some justification time first…much like our image of purgatory and it’s purpose. Second, sadly also like most of us…he may have been suffering from jealousy, or envy, that his brother got to have a great time in the world, giving into his same temptations, and he has missed out being loyal and true; and in the end, his father still let it pass as if it never happened. Off the record, I have heard stories it was something similar to this that set Lucifer against God; what I heard was that from scripture writings that were not kept in the Bible, tells the story of Lucifer being angry with God giving we mortals/humans gifts way beyond our worthiness, and gifts that angels would never be able to have. He too, became perhaps, jealous or envious, and for sure angry, under which these causes made him depart, with the intention of taking his own revenge…just a thought.


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