Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

What’s Wrong With a Little White Lie?

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In spite of a culture that’s awash in relativism, a few things remain almost universally recognized as being wrong. One of them is lying. Just about everyone will admit that it’s morally wrong to tell a falsehood, at least under “normal” circumstances. (This doesn’t get into the ethical situations when it’s not only morally acceptable to lie, but perhaps even morally obligatory; a favorite example being a German citizen lying to the Nazis when asked if he has Jews in his house, in order to save the lives of the Jewish people under his roof). But what about those seemingly “harmless” lies, such as one told to avoid hurting someone’s feelings? Should we be concerned about telling small, or “white,” lies? That’s our topic Wednesday. Call early to be sure you get on the program to share your take with Jerry and Debbie and the world!



One thought on “What’s Wrong With a Little White Lie?

  1. My husband of almost 44 yrs and became catholic 4yrs ago struggles with lying . He believes God will understand he says God realizes who he is married to and my reaction to the truth so he has no choice but to lie,refusing to understand my reaction is due to his lying. I try to explain this causes trust issues. Any suggestions?


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