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with Jerry & Debbie

Catholicism Among Blacks

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As we prepare to wrap up Black History Month, Jerry and Debbie will be joined on Thursday by Gloria Purvis, a well-known host on EWTN Television and Radio (daily on “Morning Glory” with Brian Patrick and Father Aquinas Guilbeau). Together, they’ll discuss the importance of the Catholic faith to the black community. According to the National Black Catholic Congress – http://nbccongress.org – 25% of the world’s Catholic population is black. But in the United States, that number is only 4%. What is your experience with our black Catholic brothers and sisters? Share your take at Noon ET, with a replay of the show at Midnight ET.

Gloria Purvis


One thought on “Catholicism Among Blacks

  1. I’m listening now and I think that I’m hearing a lot of language trying to connect experiences such as talking about how women or different nationalities feel at church sometimes. I’m concerned that when you try so hard to make that connection, you aren’t actually listening to what the black individuals are sharing. They are hurt and they want to be heard. They don’t need it to be compared to something you experienced because that doesn’t connect experiences at all, it shows you don’t value their feelings. It’s almost as if you aren’t listening because you’re so busy trying to make a connection. I am a white woman and nothing I have ever experienced in my life is like the racism that black people experience on a daily basis. That is the truth. Let’s talk about that and only that.


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