Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

Do You “Celebrate” the Super Bowl?


OK, so we used the word “celebrate” in a playful sort of way. But the truth is, for some people, the Super Bowl has become a far bigger day to commemorate than many holidays. The whole world seems fascinated by “the big game.” How has it changed over the years? The first couple times the Super Bowl was played, the NFL couldn’t give tickets away. Today, unless you work for a global corporate giant, good luck getting tickets. Then there are the endless pre- and post-game shows, designed, of course, with plenty of time to show you a gazillion ads. Speaking of ads, a lot of people watch the Super Bowl precisely because it’s become known as the event where corporations roll out their flashy new – and often very funny – commercials. Oh, and let’s not forget how betting makes its way to the water cooler each year with the various pools that fans participate in. And, buried someone beneath all this and more, a football game is played. So, today, share your take on the significance of the Super Bowl, if you watch the game, if you stay tuned in for the halftime show, and so forth. We’ll be on at Noon ET, with a replay at Midnight ET.




2 thoughts on “Do You “Celebrate” the Super Bowl?

  1. You need to sign up for Shared Hope international and Heartbeat International (they link to Shared Hope). They focus on human trafficking and abortion issues. They’ve been highlighting the human trafficking at the Super Bowl for years now. Lots of good info and awareness


    • Thanks, Bob. This is helpful information. Let us all pray for those who are victims of this horrible abuse.


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