Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

Are You Paying Attention to the Presidential Campaign?


ICYMI, there’s a presidential campaign going on. And on. And on. Are you paying attention to what the candidates are saying? Do you believe they are coming clean on where they stand on the issues? Do you think they address the most important issues? How about their views on Christianity? A lot to talk about today – fueled by your takes – with Jerry and Debbie. Join us at Noon and Midnight ET!


Catholics in the Public Square By Most Rev. Thomas J. Olmsted

From caller Debra:

Intelligence without virtue is just criminal
Education without virtue is just indoctrination
Business without virtue is just theft
Government without virtue is just tyranny
Medicine without virtue is just physical abuse
Religion without virtue is just Satan’s playground
Psychology without virtue is just manipulation
Relationship without virtue is just control
Beauty without virtue is just a trap
Living without virtue is just evil vice
Society without virtue is near collapse
The only remedy…..pursue virtue!



2 thoughts on “Are You Paying Attention to the Presidential Campaign?

  1. Well, if all good people stay home and don’t vote, then the “not so good people” will have the freedom to do as they want because to me, a no show is a vote for them! We have an obligation to vote and to do the best we can to get & make things right! Even if it’s not in our life time….


  2. Great point, Maria. Thanks for listening, and thanks for your take on this important subject. God bless you!

    Jerry and Debbie


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