Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

Frank Communication Between Spouses


On Wednesday, Jerry and Debbie will invite your takes on the critical issue of spouses communicating effectively with one another. Do you feel that you can share with your husband or wife deeply and from the heart everything that’s going on in your life? How you feel about him or her? When you’re upset or frustrated? That you love him or her more than anyone or anything in the world? Let us hear from you at Noon ET, with an encore broadcast at Midnight ET!


Worldwide Marriage Encounter





3 thoughts on “Frank Communication Between Spouses

  1. Today in the mail i got my beautiful Rosary from Jerusalem from you guys, I am very thankful and already said my prayers for you guys and will continiue to pray for all the EWTN family. I listern everybday as I deliver the mail in my route. I pray that one day we, my husband and I, can take the same road did.


  2. Anabel,

    You’re most welcome. Glad you got the Rosary OK. And thanks for praying for us, our show and everyone at EWTN. We have you in our prayers, too! God bless you.

    Jerry and Debbie


  3. Most important phrase a man can learn to ask his wife is “what are you needing from me now?” or expanded “What are you needing from me now? Would you like help with this or do you just want to share the situation with me?” Men default to solving first. We are fixers.

    Two of the most important communication fundamentals one must learn to really communicate are “Everyone makes sense all the time.” They do, to themselves. To not realize this is to assume a position of judgement, which the other party instantly feels. The second is ” in communication there is no “truth”, there is my truth and your truth. Both are of equal value.”

    If Catholic, separation can exist with approval of the local Bishop (if danger is present approval can happen after separation). In all separations, reconciliation is expected by the Church. It never OK to divorce and refuse reconciliation, even in cases of abuse if the danger is no longer present. Makes communication even more critical. God can solve any problem. It is never OK to determine we know more than God about our situation or God can’t fix this.



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