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with Jerry & Debbie

How Often Do You “Get Away?”

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In Mark 6:31, Jesus tells his apostles to come with Him to a quiet place and rest a while. Jesus Himself often took time away from his active ministry to spend time praying and getting refreshed. These should serve as examples for all of us. It’s important to shut it down once in a while and recharge our spiritual batteries. But in today’s hustle-and-bustle world it’s easy to justify not making a retreat, attending a parish mission or going on a pilgrimage. Will the world stop turning if we hit the pause button? Share your take on this topic on Friday at Noon ET!



One thought on “How Often Do You “Get Away?”

  1. Your topic today is great. I’ve been doing an hour per week at my parish, 5-6am Monday Mornings for almost a year now. It is a great start to my week. It seems that some folks are a bit uncomfortable with the silence that is common at Adoration. I would like, first of all, to encourage folks who may not do an hour to pick one up. Trust me, in not too much time – you will end up wishing your parish is right around the corner within walking distance so that you can go more often. Lucky you if you are right around the corner! Additionally, enjoy the silence. As mentioned on the show, throughout the week there can be virtually no time for complete silence and peace. At Adoration you get this peacefulness with the Lord! It is amazing. Do it! Lastly, for an even stronger experience in my opinion – go in the middle of the night if your parish has 24/7 Adoration. I almost have the entire church to myself during my hour and I love it that way. It is even more quiet. The solitude is great and your focus on the Lord is helped along by this I believe. It also really feels like ‘your hour’. Take care everyone, God Bless!


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