Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

LIVE from Tiberias Israel- Prayers

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Tiberias-Israel -take2

It’s you prayers that have helped Jerry and Debbie to arrive safely in the Holy Land. They are taking your prayers around to the holy places they visit. So our topic today is PRAYER – how we understand the way God answers our prayers and how so many people sent us their prayer intentions.

Join Jerry and Debbie LIVE from Tiberias Israel. Contact us: Email: take2@ewtn.com – Call – 1- 800-585-9396


One thought on “LIVE from Tiberias Israel- Prayers

  1. Please pray for Judy Nelson, in intensive care and her husband Al and family. Also The Keeley, The Browne, The Baker, The Reckeweg, The Monaghan, the Pistoria Families, and The Doheny Family: Bob Doheny Sr. who passed away 12/23/15, his wife, Deb, holding the family together, his son, Shawn, who is serving time in prison seeking faith and guidance, his son, Bob Jr., who is uncertain of his faith and questioning Jesus in his life, and Robyn my daughter, his fiancee, a lukewarm Catholic, and I , Betsy, who needs help praying and being the Catholic in word and action to bring these families back to the Catholic Church.


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