Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

A wealth of wisdom from our elders!

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With age comes experience, knowledge and wisdom.  Our culture somehow has overlooked this great gift of our elders.  The aging population is often dismissed in society as just a burden and not a treasure.  Other cultures around the world have upheld the dignity and value of our elders.  People are living longer these days, so this topic is pertinent to us all and we can hopefully learn a new perspective by discussing it.  So please join the conversation by  calling in at 1-800-585-9396.  Be fast though, as phone lines fill up quickly.  See you soon!elder-debbie

I have learned so much from my Dad.  He was brilliant beyond measure.  I never truly appreciated his wise advice until long after he had departed from this earth.  He had lived 83 years, married for over 50 years, raised 6 kids, was a strong provider for his family, served in the Navy, and was loved by all his friends and clients.  In fact, my Dad was godfather to countless numbers of his client’s children.  Everyone who knew him said that my Dad always gave great advice.  I now completely understand what they meant by that statement.  Our elders are precious and they can teach us things if we give them the opportunity.


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