Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

Are You “Free” In All Circumstances?


Jerry and Debbie will present a very important topic for discussion on Thursday. With your takes, they’ll cover the subject of “interior freedom.” What does that mean, you ask? We want to know if you are “free” inside, so that no matter what happens to you or around you, your peace and joy are not shaken. Or, are you carrying around burdens, guilt, shame or other things that weigh you down? Are you able to surrender peacefully to all things that happen, or do certain things upset your balance? Tune in and call with your takes at Noon ET!

2 thoughts on “Are You “Free” In All Circumstances?

  1. Dear Mary, (mom who was not there at the children’s games and Christmas parties), Why don’t you ask your 19 year old daughter what you can do together now? –what does she want to do with you? Make a date with her once a week –at least!!

    Give the grandchild back to the parents for one day and go take a day with your daughter. You should take care of your daughter and let your other children take care of their kids, as you know you should have. Your daughter came first. What makes you think it is too late to take care of your daughter? God has given you the rest of your life to fix that relationship. This is what time is for!! Don’t decide now it is all about the grandchildren. Don’t keep making the same mistake. That is a huge mistake that many people make with their grandchildren today!! ‘I messed my kids up so now I am going to concentrate on my grandchildren’. YIKES Please be careful. Become best friends with your 19 year old daughter before it is really too late. Love –Jane


  2. Thanks for the comment, Jane. Hopefully, Mary will log on here and see your helpful suggestions!


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