Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

Race and Racism

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Racism. Is it real, or do the media and some in the culture just manufacture it for the sake of perpetuating tensions?  Is this still just a black and white issue? With the recent attacks in Paris do you look twice when seeing someone who is of Middle Eastern descent? What should we do when we feel this way to our fellow man?

On today’s show Catholic Evangelist Richard Lane is guest and talks about race and racism.
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One thought on “Race and Racism

  1. Lately we have been talking about race… I know sometimes it has to be discussed although I avoid because it such sensitive touchy topic. They also talk about people not wanting to shake hands it could a person is afraid of catching germs. But I have experienced people not wanting to shake my hand as well. And I think it was for or both reason cause of my race and people being for germ reason…


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