Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

Gadgets And the Gospel


On Friday, Jerry and Debbie will take a fresh look at the pros and cons of using technology. While there are many hazards to avoid, we all know that gadgets can be used to bring glory to God and help lead souls to salvation. What’s your take? Would you live without the technological advances we’ve made in recent years for the sake of eliminating their potential for evil? How best can we use computers, smartphones and the like to spread God’s Word? Join us at Noon and Midnight ET!

Gadgets and the Gospel


2 thoughts on “Gadgets And the Gospel

  1. Today’s show was so great! When I retired 5 years ago I decided that I would use my Facebook to share the daily Gospel. I have done this almost religiously everyday including Sundays. There are times when I have no Internet connection or some unforeseen circumstances but I love doing this. I have an iPad that was given to be as a birthday gift from my family and this is what I use it mostly for, but I also use it for all kinds of Catholic sites and applications. I download my Catholic books and bible studies to my Kindle. I also have my Ignatius bible app for reading and references along with Laudate and EWTN. I love sharing my faith and pray that others may be inspired to do the same or even just pick up something that will help them grown in their faith. Thank you so much for all you do. My Facebook is made up of family as my friends and all the Catholic fb family. God bless you.


  2. My smartphone is used for evangelization much of the time. I bring it to mass and use the iMissal app. Before entering church I turn off all sound and vibration, although I really don’t need to because I, also, set phone on “airplane mode,” blocking all incoming calls, texts, notifications, etc. (Nothing comes in to disturb others or me.) Additionally, I pull up the correct mass date before going into mass and keep the screen light low (just bright enough to read) so as not to attract attention.

    With this app, I can follow straight through the mass, all portions, without flipping between reading pages and the mass pages. I, silently, use my device, setting it down during the homily. After the homily, with one button, I’m back into the mass at the Nicene Creed/Apostle’s Creed (on Sundays) which, I’m embarrassed to say, I must read because I still, occasionally, slip back into the “old” version. After the Creed, I slip the phone into my purse. I never arrive to find all the missals in my pew, and nearby, are in use. My focus can be on Christ and the mass from the moment I enter the church. The iMissal app has not failed me in over three years as far as having the readings, and everything else, correctly worded. The app also has much else to offer for the Catholic prayer life.

    Thank you for your show and may God bless both of you.


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