Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

What’s Happened to America?


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2 thoughts on “What’s Happened to America?

  1. Hi Jerry and Debbie. I love your show. My local fm 106.3 WRDF Ft.Wayne does not carry you live, but I listen to the repeat at midnight as I drive home from work. Great topic, “What Happened to America?” It sure seems a certain number of Americans
    have ‘lost God’. Many others either never have embraced God, or presently reject who they think represents God. I feel that whenever it seems like God is absent in my life, I’m the one who moved. Unfortunately, it really appears that globally, a lot of people have stepped away from God. In a sense, ever since the invention of the printing press, its been going downhill…but I digress. Its not possible to blame this on the inventor of the printing press. I think that people eventually were able to use the
    printed word to read and process that which they read. And humans have an unerring instinct to misinterpret. If there’s a way
    to mess it up, a human will find it, and proclaim it from the highest mountain top. Americans, and all global citizens ought recognize and accept that Catholicism is not a republic form of government, not a democracy. The bishops don’t vote dogma,
    policy or any of that into some kind of legislation. All the so-called ‘free-thinkers’ just don’t get it, whether they are agnostic, atheist, protestant, new age, pagan, LGBTQ, or otherwise. Well, not all of them, but enough to make a difference to the point they don’t seem to like anything to do with Catholicism unless it embraces all that Catholicism is not. And then, if they can’t get their way, they turn to legislation to force it down the throats of the faithful whether they agree with it or not. I think you get my drift, that I’m frustrated and feeling constantly under attack for the values and beliefs I’ve held since childhood only to be told that if I practice any of them, I’ll be sued, jailed or worse. Thanks for taking my email. Patrick Butler, Huntington, IN


    • Patrick,

      Thanks for weighing in on this important topic. Hope you’re able to catch the broadcast at midnight tonight on Redeemer Radio. It should be an interesting show today. You are right about so many things. Please keep us in your prayers, and know that you will be in ours.

      God bless!

      Jerry (and Debbie)


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