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with Jerry & Debbie

Are you already dreading the holidays?

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How do you handle the holiday season? Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed?  Maybe you have found peace and joy all throughout the holidays…If so, we need to hear from you!

One thought on “Are you already dreading the holidays?

  1. Hi Ya’all!

    I just wanted to get my take out there…. I was next in line when the show ended.

    I am always strongly moved by the scripture that reminds us we are saved by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony.

    So here is mine:

    I understand lots of people are filled with joy and excitement for the approaching holidays, and myself being a Catholic that tries to live the Liturgy and unite myself to Christ in all that she does, am deeply appreciative of “the real reason for the season.”

    However, people never know the whole story of another’s life and should never call their experiences of hardship around the holidays “ridiculous.”

    One of my dearest girlfriends is testament to this. As a young elementary aged girl, she and her siblings were home from school on that Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Her mom was home with them and their dad went off to work. It was getting to be supper time and no one had heard from their father…. mind you this is the time before cell phones and texting.

    Everyone figured he must have had lots of stuff to catch-up on so that he could also take the Friday after Thanksgiving off from work.
    The supper dishes were cleared away and still no dad.
    Everyone loaded up to drive down to their father’s office and the mom went in to the building to check on him…
    They found, God rest his soul, that their dad had committed suicide while at work……the day before Thanksgiving.

    Needless to say, the holidays are hard on her as they trigger a lot of emotion.

    Finally, I can speak to myself. I have a traumatic brain injury. Things like mulit tasking, and sequencing, and processing speed and emotional regulation can be VERY VERY hard for me to do. I feel as if the daily things such as folding laundry and making supper and mowing the grass, and making sure the kids are getting their homework done and taken to their activities on time are ALREADY pushing me past my limits. I rely on grace each and every day simply to make one more step in the right direction….do one more thing to take care of my family.

    But I must admit, the thought of shopping for gifts, organizing them, getting them into the mail on time, addressing all the Christmas cards to all the wonderful people that we know, decorating the house, finding the right tree, organizing outfits for all my kids so that when we go to services we will look as dandy as we feel in the glory of the Feast of Christmas…. ON TOP of the other responsibilities that are already there and never end such as the laundry, the dishes, etc…..

    I really do become paralyzed by anxiety. It is too much for me to handle with a brain injury. When the accident first happened, I had to have a check list that said “wash face, brush teeth, pick out pjs…. etc” just to get ready for bed each night. My executive functioning was GONE!!!

    You can imagine the stress the holidays bring and though my family is understanding and we have created “a new normal”……. it is still hard to let go of the expectations we place upon ourselves.

    So please never say it is “ridiculous” to suffer through the holidays. Criticizing only makes people such as my friend and I only feel worse bc we know we shouldn’t be feeling this way, but do anyway. There are real and true reasons that change everyone’s experience and as The Body of Christ, being there to embrace us in our struggles would be a whole lot better than laughing and mocking at us for things that are beyond our control.

    God’s path of sanctification looks different for all of us…. so weather you be an introvert or an extrovert, a well organized planner that can bounce from corporate party to children’s bazaar…….or a simple homebody, a slight basket case that can’t multitask a single thing, with HEAVEN as our focus and with COMPASSIONATE LOVE in our hearts……both the good times and the bad can have redemptive, not ridiculous purposes.

    Thanks so much for listening,
    That is my humble take. =)


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