Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Guns and Gun Ownership


On Tuesday, we’ll discuss the facts about gun ownership, the push for gun control, how much guns contribute to violent deaths and much more. Jerry and Debbie will be joined by EWTN’s Fr. Mitch Pacwa, himself an avid sportsman and hunter, who, of course, has his finger on the pulse of how Catholics should view this critical issue with an appropriate balance. Here’s a link to a great article on the subject by Pia de Solenni that appeared in EWTN’s National Catholic Register. Be sure to tune in Tuesday at Noon ET!



3 thoughts on “Guns and Gun Ownership

  1. AMEN! to Father Mitch Pacwa for putting the various callers to today’s show, who are rabid gun-nuts and willful NRA members in their place! It’s high time a strong man of faith corrected these people!


  2. I missed the first half hour of today’s show, I was able to catch the last half and was pleasantly surprised. Why? Because I am an armed Catholic and I have been chastised from other Catholics as someone who is unchristian. As a matter of fact Father Pacwa is the first priest I have ever come across to openly advocate firearm self defense since my conversion in1990.

    If you covered this question in the first half can you send me information on where I can download the audio of the show, but my question is; how do I explain Pope Francis’s assertion that, if you are a firearm manufacturer you cannot call yourself Christian, to my non-Catholic firearm enthusiasts. I want to assume that when our Papal speaks here he is referencing the Illegal gun trade that provide weapons to those that wish to kill. If my assumption is right why doesn’t he split that hair and not make the argument so generalized that I have to play apologetics to my friends.

    Charles Cherry


  3. Charles I believe that the Pope was referring to the global arms trade not to private gun ownership. I’ve read once that someone said that Pope Francis at owning guns made you unchristian which he never said so you have to be very careful when you read or hear something about the Pope. Even EWTN as great as it is get stuff wrong sometimes. Like the Pope was speaking Italian and he said that he was a grandson of Italy which is technically true and the translator translated as nephew the reason for that is because in Italian the word for nephew is the same as the word for grandson. It is a little thing but proof that we are human. That being said EWTN gets a lot more right than the mainstream media does. To the best of my knowledge of the Catholic Church has no official position on gun control and the now canonized St John Paul the Great, has stated that small arms may be used for legitimate defense. Remember this is a man that was shot. Condemning the Global arms trade is not the same as condemning people owning guns don’t worry you’re fine. By the way after the Sandy Hook shooting because I have aspergers I got Facebook messages saying that I was responsible for it. Some people just don’t understand that being said I do not think I would use a firearm in defense if it was just me being attacked I would probably let them kill me but if it was my family I would fight.


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