Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

Annulments according to the Catholic Church


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What is an Annulment?  How do I get one?  Do I need one?  How much does it cost?  Does it mean my marriage never existed?  What about the children of an annulled marriage?  How long does the process take? If I am not going to remarry what is the purpose of an annulment?  So many questions around this very misunderstood process.  Join us Tuesday, Sept 1st as we unpack the topic of Catholic Annulments.  Share your experience, your thoughts, even your fears about this subject, by calling in at 1-800-585-9396.  Take 2 with Jerry and Debbie depends on you, so tune in and be a part of the discussion.


2 thoughts on “Annulments according to the Catholic Church

  1. I hope this gets on the air – As I would love this question answered. I cannot call. I am at work listening online. LOVE the show. Anyhow: I have a difficult to explain question…Why can’t a couple ask a tribunal (ie, the wisdom of the Church) to look into their marriage to see if it IS in fact a marriage in the first place – BEFORE a separation or civil divorce?

    You may wonder why would anyone do that?

    Imagine, for example, the couple struggles, year after year. Going to counselor after couselor, Retreat after retreat, etc. etc. Struggles for YEARS. Nothing helps or changes. In fact, their marriage continues to worsen.

    If their marriage isn’t valid in the first place, wouldn’t that explain the never-ending problems? The Grace, that would be deposited on a properly entered into marriage, wouldn’t exist – correct? Is my thinking backwards on this? Please help me understand.

    I have actually asked my local Diocesan Tribunal if you can seek an annulment prior to leaving your spouse. They told me. NO TRIBUNAL in the entire country would do that…I wondered if you could explain to me WHY?


  2. Having to wait after the divorce to get annulments makes no sense to me. I would not be able to marry again wile my husband and his mistress would do so because they make their own rules. Agreeing to a divorce would make me an accomplice in the breaking of the vows. I have to break my agreement with God to find out if there was a valid agreement in the first place. I just can’t reconcile with this. I wish I could ask or anyone would ask Pope Francis to change this, if it is even so.


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