Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

Do You Know Your Way Around the Bible?

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On Friday, Debbie and Jerry will welcome Sonja Corbitt to the show. She is an on-fire convert to the Catholic faith, with a speciality in Scripture (though she can speak on many other topics). We will explore “Bible Basics,” essentially helping you get a grasp on where the Bible came from, how the Catholic Church compiled the sacred books, how to get started reading, studying and praying the Bible, and much more. As always, your takes will drive the show. So, call with any question you have about understanding and falling in love with Sacred Scripture! By the way, Sonja and Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers have an amazing new 13-part Bible study coming out soon. Be watching for it! You can learn more about Sonja at http://thirdmillenniummedia.com/project/sonja-corbitt/



One thought on “Do You Know Your Way Around the Bible?

  1. Thank you! Great Great program. She just made feel so different about being a “Cradle Catholic”. Reminded me of a quote from Mother Therese of Calcutta… “I can do things you can not. You can do things I can not. But together we can do GREAT THINGS”. Glory and Praise to God!


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