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with Jerry & Debbie

Are You Or is Someone You Love in the Military?

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Men and women who serve in the military don’t leave their faith behind at home when they enlist. In fact, as the saying goes, “There are no atheists in foxholes.” Military personnel are often the most faithful, prayerful and trusting in God’s grace and protection. The Church is diligently attentive to their spiritual needs through the ministry of our chaplains. One of them, Fr. Martin King, will be our guest on Tuesday as we talk about “Faith in Foxholes.” We look forward to your takes on the spiritual needs of our military personnel, and how the Church meets those needs on a daily basis!

Faith in Foxholes




One thought on “Are You Or is Someone You Love in the Military?

  1. I look forward to hearing Father King talk tomorrow. It concerns me that our military chaplains are being attack by this administration. I get letters from organizations of attacks by Obama’s administration . My husband and I continue nightly to pray for Our Lord to help us and Blessed mother Mary to intercede for our religious freedom. I’ve received a letter from a former Navy Chaplain who spoke about his faith while in uniform and almost went to prison. If it had not been through the help of Congress, he would have gone to prison. He lost his pension and his home during this period. He never to this day has had his pension reinstated.


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