Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

Have You Experienced a Healing?


Be sure you’re with us on Tuesday as we air your takes on how God has moved in your life to bring healing. Whether it was a physical healing, freeing you from an addiction, removing emotional obstacles to receiving His love, your contributions to the show will absolutely help bring hope to those who believe God could never heal them. Looking forward to it!



4 thoughts on “Have You Experienced a Healing?

  1. Hi Jerry and Debbie,

    This is Brian Greco in San Antonio TX. I called in today giving you my story about the healing of my wife and I from infertility.

    I’d like to thank you both and your team for your program and work your doing to influence and change our culture! I was remiss in thanking you both!


    Brian Greco


    • Thanks, Brian. But it is we who thank you for taking the time to call in and share your beautiful story. Praise God for the family He has blessed you and your wife with. As we said on the air, may He grant you more children according to His will. God bless you!


  2. I love your show. Thanks for everything.


    • God bless you, Julia. Thanks for listening. And please keep us in your prayers, as we will for you.

      Jerry and Debbie


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