Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

Spouses: Helping each other get to Heaven!

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You are invited to join us as we discuss how spouses actually help each other get to Heaven.  You may not feel that at times, when your spouse seems to be driving you crazy, but actually it is in the lessons we learn that shape us and allow us to grow as saints in training…This will be an entertaining show for sure, so please tune in or call in and share your “take” on this important subject. 1-800-585-9396 is the number to call and if you are able to get on the show, while you are waiting, you can listen live and you won’t miss a thing…See you tomorrow! spouses2


One thought on “Spouses: Helping each other get to Heaven!

  1. Very good show. I would like to share a grace I received that has helped me in our marriage. We have been married 31 years and have 4 children. My husband is not Catholic…yet. For many years now, when I receive Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, I ask Jesus to share with my husband (as we are one in the covenant of marriage) all the blessings and graces He is bestowing on me in the Sacrament. This is an incredible incentive for me to be in a state of grace so that I may receive many graces to share with my husband. We were in the Holy Land this past January and renewed our wedding vows at Cana. Wow! I call it our Miracle at Cana. His heart was pierced during our renewal of vows as he surrendered himself totally to me and our marriage before God. You can imagine the conversations we have had since then. There’s so much more I could speak of, but just to let others know, PATIENCE, PERSEVERENCE, TRUST IN GOD is so needed. We must pray for all of these in our marriages. He is not Catholic yet, but the graces are flowing. We pray together the prayers in the Magnificat every morning and evening….this is a miracle as have never prayed together until this year! Thank you for your show. God bless. Susie


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