Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

Did Jesus Have a Sense of Humor?


On Monday, we’ll look for your takes on joy, humor and laughter in the spiritual life. How do those emotions fit into your spiritual life? John 11:35 says, “Jesus wept.” If he cried, he surely laughed. And something tells us He laughed more than he cried. He came to bring us life in abundance. We’ll have Dan Reynolds on the show with us. Dan is a cancer “thriver,” as Debbie likes to say. He is the father of four, and on the verge of being accepted as a candidate for the permanent diaconate in his diocese. He is also an award-winning cartoonist (see below) whose work is all over greeting cards, and even in the Baseball Hall of Fame. He travels the country encouraging people to live life with joy in the Holy Spirit. Don’t miss the show on Monday!

Dan Reynolds

Dan’s Bio:

Dan has been a professional cartoonist for over two decades. He is the Coordinator of New Evangelization at Divine Mercy Parish in Central Square/Brewerton, NY. His cartoons are distributed nationally by greeting card companies like American Greetings. Dan’s work has also appeared in magazines like Reader’s Digest and Harvard Business Review. He has five nationally published books.

His Reader’s Digest artwork appeared locally in 2011 at a four-month exhibit at the Everson Museum in Syracuse. His cartoons have also appeared on an opening season episode of The Sopranos, and on the Discovery’s Science Channel. Two of his greeting cards won nominations for a Louie Award. A Louie Award is the equivalent of the movie academy award nomination, only in the greeting card industry. Dan Reynolds’ comedic art show, Divine Comedy features cartoons for the entire family to enjoy.

Dan says his most distinguished accomplishment is having a wife and children who love him, as well as wonderful friends and family, which includes his congregation at Divine Mercy Parish. Dan says he fully understands that none of the “accomplishments,” neither the cartooning, nor his family, friends or parish are his to claim, but all are gifts given by God who is the Giver of all good things.

A cancer survivor and father of four, Dan crafted his “Divine Comedy” show as a way to get people excited about religion. “God is a God of surprises and that’s what humor is all about. My goals are to have people laugh and make them think about how joy can enrich their belief in God.” “When we sit around with our friends and listen to something humorous, we tend to be more open to what is being said. I want that to happen because I believe that laughter is a grace and a gift from God.”

Some of Dan’s cartoons:

churchseating dearabbey devilandangelmayonaise

2 thoughts on “Did Jesus Have a Sense of Humor?

  1. I love the cartoons you’ve posted. So funny. We need more Catholic humor like this.


  2. Thanks, Laura. Dan is great. He has a lot more. Thanks for listening to the show!

    Jerry & Debbie


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