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with Jerry & Debbie

Bible citations referenced on today’s show about “worry”

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Thank you all for the great contributions you made on today’s show about worry.  Your calls, posts and emails were so helpful and as always we all learned a lot!

As promised, here are the Bible citations that were mentioned today on the show.  We know they will be a source of strength and comfort for you.

We listed them but are leaving the rest up to you!  That’s right…please use your Bible and look up the passages.  This way they become near and dear to YOU!

Hebrews 4:16

Matthew 6:27

Matthew 6:34

Philippians 4:6-7

Mark 9:24


Remember this?

~this was popular a while back…just remember the cute little green F-R-O-G if you start to feel anxious…FULLY RELY ON GOD!

or I (Debbie) like to say…


cause worrying is exhausting~ so resting on God works for me!

One thought on “Bible citations referenced on today’s show about “worry”

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed your show today. Was not able to talk to you but I know from my own experience that prayer, “I trust in You” works miracles. As I was traveling home alone from my recent diagnosis of early stage Alzheimer’s I was praying to God to help me through this and I offered everything up to him by praying, “Lord, I trust in You. May your Will be done! All I ask is that I may never forget You or Your Blessed Mother. I can handle forgetting everything else but when the time comes I want Your name and our Blessed Mother’s to be the last thing I remember. At that time I saw a rainbow across the sky following me. What was strange was that there was not a cloud in the sky. It followed me all the way home. To me that was a sign from God telling me that all would be well. I felt a peace unlike anything else I had ever experienced. Today I do not think about what the future holds because I know that my Lord will be with me to the end. Praise God!

    Thank you for your ministry. May God continue to guide and protect you both.


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