Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

Jerry Usher Returns to EWTN Radio!


Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie is a second take on personal, spiritual, emotional, moral and cultural issues, encouraging people to take a fresh look at life through the eyes of faith, love and mercy.

Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Debuts Monday June 15, 2015

Weekdays: 12p-1p ET, 11a-12p CT, 9a-10a PT

on EWTN Global Catholic Radio Network


4 thoughts on “Jerry Usher Returns to EWTN Radio!

  1. On Discipline: Sometimes acting out is a cry for attention/discipline. My husband is a retired was a middle school teacher. He had a student who came to class and would often fall asleep. Finally one day he asked her why she was so tired. She told him that she stayed out late goofing off and getting into trouble. He asked what her parents said or did. She answered that she wished they would ground her or DO SOMETHING! It was obvious to him that her actions were a plea for attention.

    I enjoy your show. Continued success.
    Anonymous in TX


  2. Hi Jerry,
    I heard you and Debbie on Take 2 May 1. Your discussion was on prayer. I liked your suggestion on how you immediately pray for a persons needs.

    Would you forward that suggestion to me as I would like to adapt it to mine.

    Thank you, it was wonderful,
    LuRae Obey

    ps Your Take 2 shows are fabulous!!!


  3. Growing up with four brothers and three sisters, lots of shenanigans, crazy and wild things we did especially with my brothers, sports etc. Thankful for my parents prayers of protection, they tell us now how much they prayed for our safety. Now I do the same for my four kids, three of them being said teenage sons. Ask your brother John about raising sons . I served with him on NET A few years ago.


    • Jerry,

      This is amazing. I said to Debbie during the break in the show that my college roommate was from the UP and has a brother named Jerry. Your brother Dan was my roommate at Franciscan University. For some reason I had a hunch that might be you, though I’m sure you’re not the only Jerry in the UP. Yes, my brother John has seven boys and one very lucky girl 🙂 I pray you are doing well. And also Dan, Mugs, etc. God bless!



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