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Let’s Pray!

The Take 2 Family is a praying family! We all should know that by now. Every day, we all are praying for listeners and members of the family who are in need. And, once a month we dedicate an entire show to letting you voice your personal intentions. On Monday, that’s what we’ll do. You can call them in, text them in, post on social media, e-mail us or post on the show’s website. At the end of the show, we save a few minutes to gather up all the important intentions and offer them collectively to the Lord.

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We read a praise report about these two adorable twin girls who were born very prematurely, and spent months in the hospital. They just celebrated their first birthday and their baptism, thanks in part to the prayers of the Take 2 Family!



Is Someone Watching Over You?

As Catholics, we are vehemently opposed to anything having to do with attempting to communicate with the dead. But that’s different from times when so many of us have experienced things that for the most part can only be explained by the intercession of a loved one who is with God. For example, on the day Jerry and his brother-in-law made funeral and burial arrangements for Jerry’s sister, Mary, on the way back to their home there was a perfect rainbow arching right over their house. Jerry had said to his brother-in-law earlier in the day, “Maybe we’ll see a rainbow today as a sign from Mush (her nickname).” Have you had experiences that caused you to believe that maybe, just maybe, someone in heaven was watching over you? Let’s talk about it on Friday.

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Unscripted on a Thursday?


Yes, that is correct.  We usually have the monthly Unscripted show on a Friday but because Debbie will be traveling to Houston for a conference, we are holding this popular show on Thursday.  So, please bring whatever is on your minds and or hearts to the table and we will talk about it.  You lead the discussion, because it is Unscripted. 1-833-288-3986.




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If we plan on interacting with people, then we should be aware of the possibility of being betrayed at some point in our lives.  People can and sadly will let us down.  It may be a friend in school, a colleague at work, a loved one or even a spouse.  Human beings can give into this inclination during a weak moment and seriously do damage to someone they care about.  Just look at the extreme example of what Judas did to Jesus, his dear friend and teacher.  Betrayal can come in so many ways but with the same result, a loss of trust and considerable pain. Have you ever been really hurt by someone you trusted and cared about?  Were you able to move past the hurt, to forgive and possibly forget? Or are you still stuck in the heartbreak? Some people go a lifetime of never getting over being badly betrayed. Let’s have a real, deep discussion on this and see if we can help others by our experiences.  1-833-288-3986.


Has God Ever Had to Get Your Attention?

Being given the gift of faith is an amazing blessing. Of course, we have to put in some effort to make sure we don’t forfeit our faith. Things like praying, receiving the sacraments, fulfilling our duties toward the Church and our brothers and sisters, etc. It’s not all that uncommon for any one of us to get a little lax in our devotion. It’s been said that, “God loves us just the way we are, and He loves us too much to let us stay that way.” The Christian life is a journey toward holiness. Have you ever felt that God allowed something(s) to happen in your life to get your attention, and to bring you back into a right focus on Him? It could be an illness, the death of a loved one, an accident, a natural disaster, a failed relationship, losing your job, and so forth. God wants nothing more than for each of us to spend eternity with Him in heaven. Therefore, as the Bible tells us, he will admonish and chastise us as necessary, as a form of discipline to make us stronger and to help us persevere in faith. Join us Monday and share your take on this topic.

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Revisiting the Priest Sex Abuse Scandal

In what seems like a never-ending saga, the Church continues to be pummeled by allegations of sexual abuse and cover ups by clergy. Of course, this has been talked about at great length on many EWTN Radio and Television shows. On Friday’s Take 2 With Jerry and Debbie, we invite you to call and share with the world your thoughts on the whole mess. Has it caused you to lose confidence in our priests and bishops? To pull back from your practice of the faith? To hold back your financial donations? To be less inclined to display your Catholicism publicly? This sad chapter in the Church’s history impacts all of us. Thus, it should be a very busy and heartfelt conversation.

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